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At A.M.J Metal Roofing, we replace old, tired decramastic roof tiles in Brisbane and South East Queensland with reliable, attractive metal roofing. Our residential roofing team has ample experience in stripping away roofing tiles, decramastic roof tiles (also known as decrabond tiles), asbestos, and old iron roofing in favour of the far more effective and innovative BlueScope Steel Colorbond and Zincalume products.

What are decramastic roof tiles?

Decramastic roof tiles, also known as pressed metal tiles or Decrabond, were a popular roofing material in Brisbane in the 1970s and 1980s, made of galvanised steel with a bitumen overlay. This form of tile is renowned for being lightweight, but often requires maintenance and replacement due to moisture damage, hail and rainstorms. Even walking on a decramastic roof may incur leaks and sags in the roof, which is why we recommend replacing them with a sturdier metal roof.

Due to the tiles being very lightweight and brittle, unfortunately repairing your decramastic roof is not an option as doing so can actually cause more damage than it already has.

If you have decramastic roof tiles, don’t worry – A.M.J have got you covered!

When you get a decramastic roof replacement from A.M.J, we replace your existing tile roof with BlueScope Steel Colorbond or Zincalume sheets. Both options come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years, will add value to your home and will ensure that the next South East Queensland storm doesn’t happen in your lounge room!

A.M.J can also assist you with:

  • Asbestos Roof Removal;
  • Re-guttering;
  • Fascia works;
  • Downpipe works;
  • Gutter guard; and
  • General roof and gutter draining recommendations and advice.

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If your South East Queensland home has damaged decramastic roof tiles, A.M.J can assist you in giving your roof the attention it so badly requires, by replacing your roof with BlueScope Steel materials – damaged decramastic roofing needs to be replaced as it cannot be adequately repaired.

Whether you need general advice, roof installation, or roofing repairs, we are the first name that Queensland homeowners should call. Our friendly team of roofing specialists will assist you through the entire process of assessing any damage, working with your insurance company to comply with your policy’s requirements for repairs, and then completing the job perfectly and flawlessly every time.

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Please note: We don’t supply the materials for decramastic roofing and recommend that you upgrade to metal as this is a longer lasting material, comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years and has been tested to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Queensland.