Old Insulation Removal & Ceiling Vacuuming | A.M.J Metal Roofing

Removing Roofing Insulation

Ceiling VacuumingA.M.J Metal Roofing uses only the best and most advanced equipment to complete any job that our clients require. The ‘Big Brute’ is a state of the art industrial grade vacuum cleaner that has been designed and built to withstand the strenuous duties found around the factory and production environment.

A.M.J provides the service of removing old insulation, toxic dust and cellulose fibre (pump-in paper) to domestic, commercial and industrial properties around the South East Queensland region.

Why should I remove existing insulation?

1. Hazardous insulation!

Often loose insulation is removed from the ceiling cavity because it has started to breakdown sparking health and safety concerns. It has been found that old insulation such as cellulose fibre (pump-in paper) and batts that are located in your ceiling cavity can also be a fire hazard, as they are commonly known to come into contact with down lights, exhaust fans and other heat sources in your roof. Asbestos contaminated insulation is also a big health and safety concern!

2. Upgrade your insulation!

The quality of insulation that was produced 15 – 20 years ago does not compare to the new and improved insulation materials that are on the market today. Having the latest insulation material installed in your ceiling cavity is a cost effective way to create a thermal and acoustical barrier from unwanted noise pollution and the unpredictable weather conditions that Queensland homes commonly experience. Upgrading your current insulation, may potentially save 20 – 30% on your heating and cooling bills!

3. Years worth of dust!

Over the years, dust can accumulate in the ceiling cavity which can prove to be a major health concern to you and your family. Having your ceiling cavity vacuumed every few years can ensure that you are protected from harmful, toxic dust.