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COLORBOND® Colour Visualiser

Choosing the colour of your new metal roof can be tricky… Do you want to stay with the same colour scheme or do you want to dramatically change the external appearance of your home and potentially add value in doing so?

COLORBOND® have thought ahead and created a colour visualiser that can help even the most indecisive person with their colour choice, by allowing you to use an interactive colour selection tool. This tool allows you to choose the right colours for your style of home taking into consideration what style it is, where you are located in Australia – are you coastal, suburban, country; how close you are to the ocean and whether or your home is a traditional style or has a modern finish.

To view the COLORBOND® Standard colour range via the COLORBOND® website, click HERE

To access the colour visualiser and choose the colour of your new metal roof based on the style of your home, click HERE or click the visualiser example below.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The colours shown in the colour charts online are not a true reflection of the real-life products as the contrast settings on the computer may alter the colour shades slightly. We do not take responsibility for any colour selections made using the online colour charts provided. An actual colour sample can be provided upon request.

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