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What is the difference between COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME®?

Zincalume Steel

– ZINCALUME® steel is a premium metallic-coated steel product, that has a silver, base metal finish, to suit all building types.
– It is slightly cheaper in comparison to COLORBOND® however, this is not reflective of the standard of material.

Colorbond Steel

– COLORBOND® is a premium bonded colour coated steel product, that comes in a range of colour options to suit the external appearance of any property.
– Has very high thermal efficiency, since it absorbs less heat and cools more quickly and is very light and quite flexible – this makes it very popular for roofing and other construction jobs. This along with the fact that it is also resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping makes it a very popular type of steel.


So…that brings us to the question, ‘what is the difference between COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME®?’
These two types of steel are very popular in the construction industry and there are several differences and similarities between them. The most obvious difference is that COLORBOND® is painted while ZINCALUME® is not. Whats your preference?

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COLORBOND® Contemporary Colours

COLORBOND® Classic Colours

IMPORTANT NOTE – The colours shown in the colour charts online are not a true reflection of the real-life products as the contrast settings on the computer may alter the colour shades slightly. We do not take responsibility for any colour selections made using the online colour charts provided. An actual colour sample can be provided upon request.